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Engage with your customer.

Accommodate the wants and needs of your customer when they’re
asking questions about the product or service you offer.
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Achieve higher sales.

Make your sales funnel larger by increasing the amount of people
who visit and buy from your website.
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Ignite positive word-of-mouth.

Help convert your prospects into customers with positive online
reviews and social word-of-mouth.
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Get found more often.

Grab the attention of your customer when they’re
looking to buy what you’re selling.
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Paid Search Marketing

Paid search marketing offers precise targeting and measurability, as well as tremendous reach. This online advertising medium makes it possible to achieve a high return on investment on a large scale.

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Search engine optimization - or SEO - involves building new websites, or changing existing websites, so that they rank higher in a search engine’s natural listings when users search keywords that relate to its content.

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Reputation Management

Customers are using online reviews, social word of mouth, and other online content to form an opinion about your company. We encourage your customers to leave positive reviews while addressing the negative.

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Website content creation is one of the most important ranking factors in SEO. In fact, over 15% of Google’s ranking factors are dedicated to the content that is found on your website. Google's main function is to deliver the most relevant content to the user for a given query. This means that if you enter a query into the search box, Google wants to give the user the best information on the subject.

The content of your website and keywords relating to your business have a big influence on ranking higher on search engine results pages. Noggin approaches content creation with a process that includes blogging, shooting video, re-writing web pages, and producing resources for your customer base. All of this will give search engines a reason to frequently index your site.

Producing content resources for your user base is perhaps the most important part of this process. In today's economy, businesses are finding success by increasing awareness and demand for entire industries, allowing the company who produces the content to benefit from a growing market and increased interests. Companies who market their content effectively will build their credibility amongst customers and prospects and will be able to claim authority of a larger part of market share.