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Social Media Logos Chain Links Boats in a Row Keys to Success

Engage with your customer.

Accommodate the wants and needs of your customer when they’re
asking questions about the product or service you offer.
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Achieve higher sales.

Make your sales funnel larger by increasing the amount of people
who visit and buy from your website.
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Ignite positive word-of-mouth.

Help convert your prospects into customers with positive online
reviews and social word-of-mouth.
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Get found more often.

Grab the attention of your customer when they’re
looking to buy what you’re selling.
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Paid Search Marketing

Paid search marketing offers precise targeting and measurability, as well as tremendous reach. This online advertising medium makes it possible to achieve a high return on investment on a large scale.

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Search engine optimization - or SEO - involves building new websites, or changing existing websites, so that they rank higher in a search engine’s natural listings when users search keywords that relate to its content.

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Reputation Management

Customers are using online reviews, social word of mouth, and other online content to form an opinion about your company. We encourage your customers to leave positive reviews while addressing the negative.

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Micro-Content Offers Storytelling Solutions for SMBs in 2014

I’ve talked to dozens of SMBs that just don’t have time do write blog posts, develop how-to guides, or do any of the content creation efforts that’s essential for digital marketing in 2014. Fortunately, SMBs can still engage consumers using micro-content, something that takes less time to develop and consume. New media - Snapchat, Vine, Instagram - provides business owners with the tools to create micro-content. But why micro-content?

Micro-content is extremely beneficial to business owners that don’t have the time for sophisticated social media marketing or SEO strategies. It’s a great way to tell stories about your brand in a quick manner. For instance, Jolly Rancher uses the six second social video app, better known as Vine, to show the little hard candies doing a variety of things. My favorite in recent weeks is the close up of a flipping candy that flies across a room and into someone’s mouth, ultimately knocking him to the couch with the impact of mouthwatering fruit.

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8 Search Marketing Factors that Impact Local Rankings

According to Local Search Association’s 2012 “Local Media Tracking Study,” 64 percent of US adults said that they used search engines to find local business information. When looking at Internet search engine based searches, 25 percent of respondents said that they use mobile phones (smartphones) to perform the searches, compared to laptops and tablets. Consumers are using a broader array of online and offline media when searching for local business information.

When are local businesses going to start rethinking their digital marketing strategy?

Sure, there are some local businesses looking for insights on how they can improve in local search marketing and SEO, but which ones are more important than others? Is it a more focused keyword strategy or a social strategy that aims to drive more positive online reviews - reputation management - for service related businesses? 

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3 Social Media Marketing Tools for Ignorant Brands

There are hundreds of big brands that aren’t using new media to its full potential. Just as you’re getting caught up on traditional social media marketing strategies, your customer is on to the next thing. They’re vining, snapchatting, and instagraming, spreading their digital footprint like gasoline on Tannerite. 

Did I make up those words? Who cares. Your customer is consuming and producing content in new ways, especially if they’re between the ages of 12-21.

Do me a favor. Google “vine,” “snapchat,” and “instagram,” then let me show you how to incorporate these tools into your digital marketing toolbox.

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3 Reasons Why SEO Content Creation is Perfect for SMBs

Internet users go to the blank box - Google - for one reason and one reason only. They want to get content quickly. Their searches can have many intentions: finding a certain website, uncovering additional information on a broad topic or service, or exploring with the intention of buying a product or service online. Informational and transactional queries are the ones that involve SEO and website content creation the most. 

High quality SEO content caters to these types of searches because - if good enough - provides helpful information relevant to the query in the search box. Things like blog posts, online videos, social media marketing and other tactics can have you showing up higher in search engine results listings, especially if the content gets links from high authority new sources. After all, 2013 has been stated as the year of the online writer.

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Why B2B Brands Have a Link Building Problem

There are a limited amount of B2B brands that are still doing a good job of corporate storytelling in 2013. The ones who are excelling include Cisco, Boeing, and GE, but there still are many B2B brands that have a long way to travel. You may be wondering: how does corporate storytelling play a role in SEO strategy and link building? We would have to follow up by asking: Remember how I mentioned the year we’re in, you know, 2013? 

Link building is an important part of SEO, but B2B brands are much better off telling their story to acquire links and traffic. The best online B2B marketing pushes corporate messaging even further, and it turns into stories about customers, people, advocates, and influencers which plead to be shared. 

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Email Marketing Levels of Permissions and Consent

The foundation of any effective email marketing program relies on permission. Legally, you have a few different options of how you want to obtain permission from your list, but it’s important to understand these different permission types and how they play a large role in how you increase deliverability and response rates. Today we’ll talk about a few email best practices for permission and consent, ultimately giving you higher delivery/open/response rates, a better customer experience, and increased retention and brand affinity.

The following permission acquisition methods are acceptable, but the use of each method requires attention to detail and careful execution to comply with industry regulations and best practices.

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Industry Experts Charged After False Reports of SEO’s Death 

We all hear the false reports of SEO being dead — perhaps we should all listen, follow suit, pack our bags, and go home. Or, maybe we could continue our jobs, hoping that our clients won’t realize that the money they spend on SEO is a complete waste. Nevertheless, the ones who report SEO’s death are still pursuing the work; they’re doing exactly what they deem as “dead.”

I suggest looking beyond the subject of SEO as being something that evolves over time. Professionals in the space need to understand that SEO is changing for the better, with more attention being focused on how your site looks, how you’re producing content, and how you’re getting links.

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