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Social Media Logos Chain Links Boats in a Row Keys to Success

Engage with your customer.

Accommodate the wants and needs of your customer when they’re
asking questions about the product or service you offer.
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Achieve higher sales.

Make your sales funnel larger by increasing the amount of people
who visit and buy from your website.
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Ignite positive word-of-mouth.

Help convert your prospects into customers with positive online
reviews and social word-of-mouth.
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Get found more often.

Grab the attention of your customer when they’re
looking to buy what you’re selling.
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Paid Search Marketing

Paid search marketing offers precise targeting and measurability, as well as tremendous reach. This online advertising medium makes it possible to achieve a high return on investment on a large scale.

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Search engine optimization - or SEO - involves building new websites, or changing existing websites, so that they rank higher in a search engine’s natural listings when users search keywords that relate to its content.

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Reputation Management

Customers are using online reviews, social word of mouth, and other online content to form an opinion about your company. We encourage your customers to leave positive reviews while addressing the negative.

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Search Marketing Special: Landing Page Optimization (Pt. 2) 


Yesterday’s blog post talked about why landing pages are so important in search marketing, mostly because they can increase your keyword Quality Scores and reduce your cost-per-clicks. We left you with some areas to think about when it comes to improving your landing pages, and today we’ll go into more depth about how they can make your search marketing efforts more effective.

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Search Marketing Special: Landing Page Optimization 

final approachSearch marketing, otherwise known as pay-per-click advertising, can be one of the most effective ways of capturing people who are actively looking for your product. You might decide to have a digital marketing company set up a search marketing campaign that’s delivering a good amount of traffic to your site, but the visitors aren’t turning into customers. Why could this be? One of the most common reasons might have to do with poor landing page quality. Landing pages are the pages that customers are directed to when they click on your ad; it’s important to optimize these pages to ensure maximum ROI.

The quality of a landing page is influenced by how useful and relevant the information, navigation, load time, and links are on a given page. It’s also one of several factors that determines a keyword’s Quality Score, a factor that influences how much you will pay for a click. Quality Score works by assigning each keyword with a landing page grade that is based on the average quality of the landing pages in the ad group and of any landing pages in the rest of the account with the same domain.

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Learning Digital Marketing and CRM From L.L. Bean

Hiker on DamThere’s one thing every marketer and business owner should know - great stories about your product or service will increase sales. Storytelling forms a bond between brands and customers. It’s so powerful that it taps into humans and their emotions. The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, divided the means of persuasion, appeals, into three categories - the most substantial being pathos because of its emotional appeal. An appeal to pathos causes an audience not just to respond emotionally but to identify with the writer’s point of view - to feel what the writer feels. The power with which the writer’s message moves the audience will guide their decision or action. Both social media marketing and reputation management have a lot to do with pathos.

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4 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2013

Midnight ClockIt’s the first business day of 2013 and many companies are cleaning shop, reallocating advertising dollars, and adapting to the ever-changing world of marketing. I rarely (ok, pretty much never) hear business owners and marketing directors say things like, “We’re really starting to consider Yellow Page advertisements.” Instead, their curiosity continues to branch out into the world of digital marketing, a space where they can track their ad spend down to the cent while putting their products in front of laptop, tablet, and mobile users. The following is my 4 predictions for digital marketing in 2013.

Content will drive online marketing. 

Up until this point, SEO and search marketing campaigns have been driven by link building tactics. We’ve seen Google change the link game with its Penguin update, a ranking factor change that punishes those who violate their webmaster guidelines by using “black-hat” techniques like keyword stuffing, cloaking, participating in link schemes, and creation of duplicate content. The value of one authoritative, relevant link is potentially worth more than hundreds of  solicited links. We urge you to learn more about how content will continue to be a driving force in 2013.

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Digital Advertising for Small Business

Digital DisplayI recently met with a client to talk about pursuing digital advertising campaigns for his small business in St. Louis, only to find that there was some confusion when it came to the differences between digital marketing and digital advertising. Many times, people think the two are the same, when digital advertising is actually a tactic of digital marketing strategy. I went on to explain how advertising fits into the realm of marketing and urged him to read our 10 disciplines of digital marketing for further clarification.

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Do You Analytics? 

Dark Roadway BlurYou should really be tracking the amount of traffic your website receives. At the end of the day, website rankings don’t mean anything if you’re not getting people to see the products and services you offer on your site. You could have first place rankings with SEO, but are people buying from you? It’s important to know how many people are coming to your site; it influences your bottom line.

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Supplement: 2013: The Year of the Online Writer 


The year of 2012 was important to any SMB in the digital marketing game, especially for those who are investing in content creation and online writing. We’ve seen the search giant, Google, focus more and more on quality content and make even talented writers more important with their Panda and Penguin updates. These changes force digital marketing companies and SMBs to be more aware of how Google determines online authority; Copyblogger’s2013: The Year of the Online Writer” only solidifies that statement.

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